Pre-Cleared Sync-Friendly Music
  • All Rights clear, registered, and license-ready
  • Copyrights and Masters fully owned, controlled, and held in-house
  • Custom Edits and Stem Files available on request
  • Excel data sheet and writer Split Sheets included with every track
Commercial Advertising Music

Rocky McWhistlepants - 60 sec instrumental
Head-bobbing whistle melody, hand claps, beat-driven crunchy guitar

Rocky McWhistlepants - 30 sec instrumental

Do What Makes You Happy - 60 sec
A classic funk jam opens into a big dancy EDM chorus

Do What Makes You Happy - 60 sec instrumental

Everything We Do - 60 sec instrumental
Bouncy synth melody building to a rock crescendo

Freejay MacLoud Pic
Freejay MacLoud

Mix Engineer

Freejay has been studying, performing, writing, and recording for many years, with a special focus on creating distinctive pop music for the TV, film, and advertising industries.  His songs spring to life with expressive buoyant melodies, instant memorability, and a radiant sense of fun, conjuring the visual imagination.  He is also a dedicated music business geek committed to keeping pace with the rapidly evolving music industry landscape. Freejay is currently based in Austin, the heart of Texas.


freejaymusic at gmail

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