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A great song begins with the writing and a great recording begins with carefully capturing all the voices and instruments with an ear towards the final sound. Choice of instruments, microphones, mic placements, room treatment, recording levels and more all play a major role in creating the intended vibe. Excellent gear is important, but a finely tuned ear is the single most important ingredient in crafting a high quality recording.


Producing can include a range of roles in the recording process, essentially guiding the in-studio performances of all parts of your song to achieve the best results in the final recording. It may also include creating some or all of the instrumentation, coordinating session musicians, vocal performance coaching, responsible oversight of the financial and legal intricacies which arise in creating intellectual property, and ensuring a positive studio experience with excellent results.


Mixing music is an art and a science, the essence of which is creating balance in all the voices and instruments after recording so that each best supports the song. Mixing also includes polishing all the parts til they shine, enhancing the flow of dynamics through the song, creating a sense of space in the listening experience, and fine tuning a thousand details which combine to bring out the fullest expression of the recorded song.

Produced by Freejay MacLoud:

Brian Wiltsey - Atlanta, GA

Just wanna give a shout out to Freejay MacLoud on the song he and I just finished together. He was as excited to mix it and add his excellent drum programming skills as I was to pass it on to him, and it showed with the hard work and time he put into making it come alive! Always great to collaborate with someone who believes in a song as much as you do. It makes the project and results so much better!

Katie Stellar, The Seventh String - Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA

Working with Freejay is a joy and a delight. He's not only fantastic on the mixing end, with an ability to create a wide variety of genres with perfect blending, balance and tone. Freejay also has an ear for the entelechy of the music ~ he hears what it wants to become, and ushers it forward in a way that doesn't step on my sensitive artist's toes. Plus he's patient, steady, full of humor and light, and generally just an all-around dependable badass. I can't imagine working with anyone else!

Joey the Clown - New York, NY

It’s a real pleasure working with Freejay. His patience and positivity in the studio lend to an environment where creativity can flow freely, and he truly takes the time to capture great audio. He’s got a great set of ears and puts in the work to bring the best out of each performance with skill and diligence, offering excellent feedback as a producer with an open mind and respect for your craft. He approaches recording, producing, and mixing with artistry and professionalism without sacrificing the cozy, laid-back home studio vibe. Freejay is the man!

You have a vision for your music, a sound you hear from within that you want to share with the world. High quality recordings help realize the true expression of your songs and take your music career to the next level. A knowledgeable and skilled producer can be a valuable teammate, a creative advocate for your artistry, a true collaborator. Whether in the same room or using technology to co-create from anywhere, let's talk about how I can help you make your next project a win. Hit me up on email or Facebook message...



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